Catch Basin Cleaning

Seymour Sky provides catch basin and sump cleaning services throughout Vancouver and Greater Vancouver area. We are available for you 24 hours, 7 days!

Catch Basins and Sumps play a very important role in maintaining the safety and health of any facility. Catch Basins collect surface runoff for storm drains that are located directly underneath them. Catch basins stop trash and other materials from entering drainpipes. All sediments, debris and stagnant water accumulated in the catch basins need to be removed to prevent your property from contamination and unwanted flooding.

We are able to prevent this kind of damage or hazard, and to spot any problems before they arrive with our regular catch basin and sump cleaning services.

Our cleaning process uses highly pressurized water to clear through any build up and blockages in a drainage system. Our trucks are equipped with 420 cubic per minute of vacuum power.

Our Low Profile Vacuum Truck is air-ride equipped, which allows us to get into low clearance areas such as underground garage as low as 6’2”. At least once a year, preferably after parkade cleaning, catch basins should be cleaned to maintain their ability to catch residue and prevent any water pooling in open areas such as parking lots.