Dryer Vent Cleaning

Multi-Unit Buildings, Hi-Level Dryer Vent Specializing

Seymour Sky Contracting Inc. provides professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services with competitive prices and industry-leading methods to multi-unit buildings in Vancouver and Greater Vancouver area.

For our dryer vent cleaning services we offer high pressure air cleaning which allows any built up on vented areas to be blown out by the high air pressure system. Our machines help loosen and remove any left over lint and dust that could cause a blockage in your drying system.

Seymour Sky Employees are trained in all necessary safety and working at heights procedures, including ladder work, Rope Access and Boom Lift Operation.

A regular Dryer Vent Cleaning not only leads to greater efficiency in your dryer thereby reducing energy costs, but also prevents fire hazards! That’s why we recommend cleaning your dryer vents from outside and inside annually.

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