Parkade Cleaning

Seymour Sky Contracting Inc. has vast experience in washing all types of underground parking, from small and low clearance garages to large multi-leveled ones.

We are committed to On-Site Safety and Environmentally Friendly Methods. Our commercial grade Mobile Hot/Cold Pressure Washing Unit works on the outside of the underground garage with absolutely no risk of Carbon Monoxide accumulation inside the parkade, preserving the health of building occupants and our employees. We only use biodegradable products that will not harm the environment while still providing optimal cleaning power.

Our Three-Step technique has been very effective for great results:

  • Flood application of biodegradable de-greaser to loosen all oil stains
  • Full and detailed clean of the entire parkade, using floor whirly bird
  • Hand wand detailing for corners and parkade walls followed by a rinse process to completely remove all the stains, dirt, debris from the floor surfaces